st-blkAt Sling Theory, we take an all-encompassing approach to the art of hip-hop--from pure lyricism to trap music, from dance to conscious, from new school to true school, and every crevice in between. We know that no pillar of the culture can stand on its own and that the whole is ultimately the sum of its parts. Our bloggers pride themselves in the breadth of quality music and visuals they supply from all points of the spectrum. In the same vein, we provide music from all artists, both indie and industry, in striving to be the great equalizer across the hip-hop blogosphere.

Sling Theory is an indiscriminate and limitless mindset, a kaleidoscopic view of music, and a true artist respite. We look for all elements of artistic creativity and excellence represented through music. From the battle scene and graffiti-landscaped b-boy cyphers to international festivals and radio airwaves, Sling Theory's modus operandi is blanket coverage of all corners of the genre.

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