Daily Posts http://www.slingtheory.com Wed, 24 May 2017 13:33:47 -0400 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb AYOWOLF - La Plata (ft. Kap Kallous) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20503-ayowolf-la-plata-ft-kap-kallous http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20503-ayowolf-la-plata-ft-kap-kallous AYOWOLF - La Plata (ft. Kap Kallous)
The prolific Kap Kallous links up with the AYOWOLF production duo on "La Plata" the lead single from AYOWOLF's new mixtape, Ilk.
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Oddisee - The Iceberg (Album Stream) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20502-oddisee-the-iceberg-album-stream http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20502-oddisee-the-iceberg-album-stream Oddisee - The Iceberg (Album Stream)
Following up on his Odd Tape project and Alwasta EP, the Iceberg features 12 tracks for the DC native.
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Curren$y - "What It Mean" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20501-curren$y-what-it-mean-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20501-curren$y-what-it-mean-video Curren$y -
Curren$y explains "What It Mean" in his new video for one of his songs off the Jetlanta EP, which landed last week.
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Dirt Platoon - "God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt" (Mixtape) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20500-dirt-platoon-god-made-dirt-and-dirt-dont-hurt-mixtape http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20500-dirt-platoon-god-made-dirt-and-dirt-dont-hurt-mixtape Dirt Platoon -
Dirt Platoon's first mixtape is available for free download on audiomack.
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FUCCBOI (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20499-fuccboi-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20499-fuccboi-video FUCCBOI (Video)
You know who you are.
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Masta Ace - ''Good Ol' Love'' (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20498-masta-ace-good-ol-love-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20498-masta-ace-good-ol-love-video Masta Ace - ''Good Ol' Love'' (Video)
 Masta Ace revisits the 2004 A Long Hot Summer album and drops a video for "Good Ol' Love" produced by 9th Wonder.
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Surf vs. T-Top Brings Smack Back? http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20497-surf-vs-t-top-brings-smack-back http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20497-surf-vs-t-top-brings-smack-back Surf vs. T-Top Brings Smack Back?
It has been a while since I posted a rap battle, as I can't tell if the allure has worn off for me or if there really aren't that many good battles coming out anymore. This one, however, revitalized the culture for a short moment.  Who you got bringing home the dub?
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Atmosphere - "A Long Hello" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20496-atmosphere-a-long-hello-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20496-atmosphere-a-long-hello-video Atmosphere -
From Atmosphere's full length album, "Fishing Blues" out now on Rhymesayers.
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TheBeeShine Cypher is Back (#26) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20495-thebeeshine-cypher-is-back-26#26&Itemid=277 http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20495-thebeeshine-cypher-is-back-26#26&Itemid=277 TheBeeShine Cypher is Back (#26)
The 26th edition of the TheBeeShine Cypher was filmed and recorded at Dragon’s Lair Recordings in Brooklyn, NY. This cypher featured long-time New York emcees from Long Island, Taboo and Coast, as well as one of the most active Hip Hop groups in NJ right now, 050 Boyz. With music provided by producer Jakk Wonders from South Africa, this cypher is a nonstop bar-fest of hard-hitting lyric after lyric.
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Mickey Factz & Nottz - "Wants" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20494-mickey-factz-nottz-wants-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20494-mickey-factz-nottz-wants-video Mickey Factz & Nottz -
Cool video and vibe from Mickey Factz and Nottz, created by Make Stuff Media.
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AYOWOLF - "Snag" (Beat Tape) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20493-ayowolf-snag-beat-tape http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20493-ayowolf-snag-beat-tape AYOWOLF -
New production team, AYOWOLF, released its new hip-hop/trappy blend of beats today on Spotify.
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A Tribe Called Quest - "We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service” (Album Stream) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20492-a-tribe-called-quest-we-got-it-from-here-thank-you-4-your-service-album-stream http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20492-a-tribe-called-quest-we-got-it-from-here-thank-you-4-your-service-album-stream A Tribe Called Quest -
Stream ATCQ's final chapter on Spotify.
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French Montana feat. Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel & Styles P - "Have Mercy" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20491-french-montana-feat-jadakiss-beanie-sigel-styles-p-have-mercy-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20491-french-montana-feat-jadakiss-beanie-sigel-styles-p-have-mercy-video French Montana feat. Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel & Styles P -
French recruited the thoroughbreds for "Have Mercy". Styles is slowly becoming one of my favorite rappers of all time.
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Percycse Apollo - "That Dope" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20490-percycse-apollo-that-dope-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20490-percycse-apollo-that-dope-video Percycse Apollo -
Orlando-based emcee, Percycse, provides a creepy video for his song, "That Dope", just in time for Halloween.
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The Avalanches - "Because I'm Me" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20489-the-avalanches-because-im-me-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20489-the-avalanches-because-im-me-video The Avalanches -
The Avalances are back with another video featuring Camp Lo's Sonny Cheeba. Set in an NYC subway station, this throwback brings back the breakdancing culture and vibe on a soulful beat.
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Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - "Jordans & A Gold Chain" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20488-apollo-brown-skyzoo-jordans-a-gold-chain-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20488-apollo-brown-skyzoo-jordans-a-gold-chain-video Apollo Brown & Skyzoo -
Zoo and Apollo take it back in the new video for "Jordans & A Gold Chain" off their collab album, The Easy Truth.
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Chris Rivers - "Born For This" (Video) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20487-chris-rivers-born-for-this-video http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20487-chris-rivers-born-for-this-video Chris Rivers -
Being the son of the late, great Big Pun, Chris Rivers was most certainly "Born for This".
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The Game - "1992" (Album Stream) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20486-the-game-1992-album-stream http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20486-the-game-1992-album-stream The Game -
You can now stream The Game's new album, 1992, on Spotify.
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Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - "The Easy Truth" (Documentary Short) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20485-apollo-brown-skyzoo-the-easy-truth-documentary-short http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20485-apollo-brown-skyzoo-the-easy-truth-documentary-short Apollo Brown & Skyzoo -
Here's a little behind the scenes short from Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo for their new project "The Easy Truth".
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Mafia III (Trailer) http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20484-mafia-iii-trailer http://www.slingtheory.com/daily-posts/20484-mafia-iii-trailer Mafia III (Trailer)
Featuring the song “Nobody Wants to Die,” by Ice Cube and DJ Shadow.
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