To submit your music, video, or other material for posting on, send an email to

All music must:
  • Be in MP3 format and labeled with artist name & song or project title
  • Include a link to the song on hulkshare, bandcamp or any embeddable media player
  • Include with a photo or graphic for the song or project

For videos, submit a youtube or vimeo link along with the artist name and song title.

Promotional Services

We built our contacts from the ground up through years of networking, promoting and sponsoring up and coming hip-hop artists. With an outreach span of over 10,000 bloggers, DJs, writers, and readers world-wide, Sling Theory boasts a strong foundation to drive artist visibility.

Graphic design

We have a number of graphic designers on staff to complete your project. Services offered include but are not limited to:
  • Album art
  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • Posters


From simple artist sites to complex e-commerce business requirements, our team of developers and designers is up for any challenge you can throw at us.

Press Kits

We tailor our press kits to each individual artist. We write bios, produce creative designs, and lay out the entire document in an interactive format.

Music Mixing / Mastering

Whether it’s a single, mixtape, EP or LP, we have a number of credited engineers that are prepared to mix and/or master your music with premium sound quality.

Music production (Beats)

Our diverse production team creates top-notch hip-hop instrumentals and can specifically produce beats within the music’s many sub-genres.

Project Management

Our project management team will organizes tasks, time, and people in a detailed action plan to strategize a successful release.

Creative Consulting

From artist branding to target marketing, our creative consulting group aims to provide a credible artist image that accurately reflects the music and increase visibility in the industry and to consumers.

Advertise with Sling Ads

Sling Ads are a great way to maximize exposure and provide the opportunity to increase personal out-reach into those coveted in-boxes. With above industry-standard rates of open and clicks, you can depend on our reputation of excellence through artistic expression to deliver your project within a quality-centric context.
Break-down of expected cost of investment:

Sling Ad Dimensions (Width x Height):
  • Lead-In Banner: 921 x 300 pixels - $50 per month
  • Side Banners: Long Rail – 160 x 600 pixels $35 per month (all sub-pages)
  • Short Rail: 180 x 150 pixels - $25 per month (all sub-pages)

Sling Letter Ad Space Dimensions (Width x Height):
  • Bottom Banner: 600 x 124 pixels - $30 per Sling Letter
As always, serious inquiries only. Thank you.

(All Sling Ad inquires are subject to review prior to engagement)

Contact Us

If you’re a reader who has questions, ideas, or suggestions for the Sling Theory staff, contact our General address, or use the form below. You can also send us feedback from anywhere in the world by simply hitting us up on Twitter @SlingTheory.

If you’re a Publicist, Manager or Label Representative and you’d like to request that we cover your artist on Sling Theory, you can contact us at our Professional / PR address, or use the form below.


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